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About us

“Our mission is to continuously strive for perfection and give a new meaning to terms such as quality of service, customer care, satisfaction and professionalism.”

Our workshop in Cracov is specialized mainly in Smart Repair and serious car body damages, but also advanced car cosmetics, both interior and exterior.


“Our priority is individual approach to every single client both bussiness and private.”

We provide our services to individual clients, companies, car showrooms and used car loots. We cooperate with biggest insurance and car fleet manage companies. Our bussiness partners are also local workshops and authorized car services.


Our workshop provides a vast range of services, including car body, spraying and upholstery restoration. Each activity is being done with the best possible technology. The services we provide can be divided onto four categories:


We are proud of having large enterprises among our business partners, including car dealers, authorized car services and traditional workshops.


IM7_7505Competitor – Andrzej Szepieniec, Poland runner-up of GSMP 2012

Discipline – Car mountain race, Championship of Poland

Born on 22 April, 1971 in Kraków, graduate of Cracovian AGH (faculty of non-ferrous metals), a true passionate of automotive and car racing. Since the day of first seeing Marian Bublewicz in action, his adrenaline level has risen to so far unknown level.

Racings, rallies and motorsport are his true passion and lifestyle, and what makes him motivated to act. Currently, he is beating his competition with Mitsubishi Lancer EVO IX Open 2000+.

Competition, sport spirit, fair play and fight to the end is what makes me go on.

Mitsubishi Lancer EVO IX Open 2000+


  • HP: 380-720 (depending on needs)
  • AWD
  • Light body including Kevlar parts, strongly slimmed down
  • SPARCO roll cage
  • High-performance engine with AMS hardware
  • SMSONAS gearbox
  • Proflex suspension
  • AP-Racing brakes


ul. Skręcona 7
31­-587 Kraków

Phone: 12 307 55 77
Mobile: 796777677