Car body repairs and spraying

Paint repairs – traditional

We apply the latest technologies in terms of traditional repairs. If we are unable to remove the damage using spot painting, we apply traditional painting of whole element. The latter is recommended in the case when there are several damages on one element or the element is a big, flat surface (such as the hood or roof). Our service performs all whole-element painting. No matter if it is painting of whole element with its replacement, painting using filling or surface painting also called shading. The service is performed inside dust free chamber and the technologically demanded temperature and time.

Car body repairs – traditional

First, we apply quick spot repairs of sheathing (non-painting dent removal, panel repairs). If the damage is done to constructional elements or reinforcements, we apply traditional car body repairs.

In our workshop we perform all type of car body repairs:

  • Part repair
  • Dismounting/mounting, refitting (new and previously repaired parts)
  • After-repair measurements
  • Chassis maintenance