Smart Repair

Material upholstery restoration

The most common damage of upholstery are cigarette burns. However they are possible to be effectively hidden. The repair is based on replenishing the fibers of lacking fragment. However, bear in mind that only damages up to specific size can be successfully fixed. Color of fibers is precisely chosen thanks to a vast range of color palette.

Leather upholstery restoration

Because of the quality of materials and exploitation, leather upholstery is exposed to various scrapes and cracks. Thanks to modern technologies and large choice of pigments it is possible to bring back the former glory. This can be applied to door sides, seats and steering wheels.

Headlights restoration

Headlight shades are exposed on scratches. Depending on the worn-out level, restoration is divided onto several steps. Each requires the choice of appropriate polish materials and application of professional sponges and wipes, leading to astonishing final effect. The only exception is glass shades that cannot be restored. The restored headlight does not need to be dismounted, as the elements around are efficiently secured. In the case of the UV protective layer being worn-out, it can also be restored.

Spot paint repairs

Scrapes, scratches and other paint damage can be repaired avoiding expensive painting of the car or its element. The solution here is to perform spot repair. It is perfect to remove the effects of parking damage or small scrapes on car body. Using this method, we also remove damage of lacquered decorative strips, mirror enclosures or door border edges.

Plastic parts with structural layer repairs

Damage of non-lacquered plastic parts such as door strips, bumpers or mirrors can occur pretty often. Thanks to using new technologies they can be successfully repaired. These elements have different color and structure, but using a wide range of color palette it is possible to bring them the original look. It also refers to plastics that lost their color because of time.

Windshield repairs

The most common problem is a spot damage. Getting hit by a stone can cause different type of chips. Most of them can be successfully fixed. It is possible by applying professional resins and other substances that fill the damage, provided that they are not bigger than 2cm. The resin is extraordinarily lax, having strong penetrating features. It fills the deepest corners inside of the damage.

Further on, a finishing resin is applied, thanks to which the surface of the windshield is smooth. It is harder and efficiently protects the repair area against atmospheric factors and wipers. Such application prevents the windshield from further cracking, and what follows – expensive windshield changing.